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Responding to the Unexpected

New Haven Connections Director Andy Schnepp encourages us to rely on the Holy Spirit when our plans fall through.
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Trust God and Cultivate Faithfulness

Stamford Campus Pastor Dan Kromidas talks about how he and his wife, Kristi, hold on to Psalm 37:3 as they make Connecticut their new home.
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Unexpected Turns

New Haven Connections Director Kisha Sheppherd takes a look at the life of King David and how Psalm 142 can encourage us to trust in God in the middle to trying and uncertain times.
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You are a Champion because I Am The Champion

Maria Conrad, our Vox Kids Director, shares how we can experience victory in this life because of the incredible victory Jesus has won.
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How's Your Garden?

Pastor Jim DeAngelo from North Campus shares what gardening can teach us about caring for our souls.
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